"How To Make Money Republishing Old Copyright-Expired Books, Magazines, Photos, & More..."

Once You Know How To Identify, Repackage and Market These Copyright-FREE Treasures, You'll Have A Serious GOLDMINE Of Unlimited Niche-Related Content On Your Hands!




FACT: Of The Millions Of Books Published In The U.S. Between 1923 And 1963, the U.S. Copyright Office Estimates That Only Roughly 7% Had Their Copyright Protection Renewed.

This Means That Around 93% Of All Books Published In The U.S. Between 1923 And 1963 Are Up For Grabs!

That's Billions of Pages of Material That You Can Use To Create Your Own Outrageously Profitable Multi-Media Information Publishing Empire...

You Can Quickly, Easily, & Legally Use This
Copyright-Free Material To..

  • Easily create your own high-priced, hot selling info products like ebooks, printed manuals, audio programs, CD's, DVD's and more...
  • Quickly build huge cash pumping Ad-sense or Affiliate Marketing content websites and blogs...
  • Effortlessly create articles and special reports without having to write a word yourself and use them to drive massive traffic to your website or build a huge mailing list...
  • Become an instant expert in your niche by tapping into the billions of pages of copyright-free material that's been written by expert authors in your niche and professionally edited by real editors...
  • And much, much more...

What if we told you that right under your very nose there's a vast hidden treasure of copyright-free books, music, film, images, and all sorts of other intellectual properties that are FREE for the taking and you can do anything you want with - including legally repackaging and SELLING FOR MONEY AS YOUR OWN PRODUCTS?

It's True!

How would you like to be able to "steal" a never-ending supply of content - millions and millions of pages of content - and never have to pay one cent in royalties or licensing fees and use them to create products that you can sell over and over again keeping 100% of the profits?

Seriously, how would you like to be able to leverage the hard work of other people - experts in their respective fields even - and use their work to crank out information products that you can sell without ever having to go through the pain of writing a word yourself?

The crazy thing is that most people have never even heard of this vast treasure or if they have heard of it, they really don't understand the enormous potential that lies within.

Insiders have been using these incredibly valuable copyright-free works to create all sorts of products and have been making thousands of dollars, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars, with them year after year.

Yeah, that's right - we're talking about the Public Domain...

If you know how to identify, repackage and market these copyright-free works, you have a GOLDMINE on your hands. There are literally millions of works in the Public Domain right now just waiting for you.

"Who Else Wants To Dive Into A Never-Ending Supply Of Fresh, Copyright-FREE Content And Use It To Easily Crank Out An Army Of Highly Profitable Info Products Without Ever Writing A Single Word?"

The Public Domain is a huge repository of works that for various reasons are NOT protected by copyright laws.

This includes books, manuals, plays, articles, photographs, posters, music, magazines, newspapers, cartoons, movies, artwork, audio recordings, works produced by the federal government, and more......anything that is NOT protected by U.S. copyright laws.

In the U.S., any work that is published before 1923 is automatically in the Public Domain. There is a lot of great stuff from before 1923, but here is the real juicy secret that most people don't understand - there is a ton of stuff that was published as recently as 1963 that is in the Public Domain now because the copyrights that protected them have expired.

There is also tons of great stuff published every day that is automatically added to the Public Domain upon creation.

Once you understand exactly what the Public Domain is and how it works, you’ll have a never-ending supply of fresh material at your fingertips perfect for creating your own unique, new products with much less effort than if you were writing everything yourself.

In fact...

"It's Like Having Your Own Army Of Ghost Writers Cranking Out Millions Of Pages Of Valuable Content Day And Night And You Never Have To Pay Them A Dime..."

Really, why spend all of the time it takes to create your own products from scratch when you can legally use the creative works of thousands of authors, artists, film-makers, photographers, and others that have come before you?

You can use Public Domain material to create products at lightning speed and begin putting money in your pocket immediately without struggling and sweating to create your own original stuff.

We're talking about material that you can use to create e-books, printed books and manuals, audio programs, videos, DVD’s, clothing like T-shirts and hats, and any other physical product you can imagine like coffee mugs, mouse pads, framed artwork prints - literally anything you can imagine!

That's the power of Public Domain - a vast treasure chest of stuff that you can take and do anything you want with – ANYTHING – including repackaging as your own products that you can SELL FOR PROFIT.

WARNING: Do NOT Trust Any Source On Finding and Using Public Domain Materials Unless It Meets The Following Criteria:

ONE: It must show you how to find thousands of Public Domain works on virtually any subject and how to acquire them cheaply (if not free!).

TWO: It must show you how to repackage these Public Domain works quickly, cheaply, and with the highest profit potential.

THREE: It must provide various proven models for Public Domain success using real world examples that you can study and "copy".

FOUR: It absolutely must provide you with the instruction you need to ensure that you are using Public Domain works legally and not using someone else's copyrighted work by mistake.

FIVE: It must be presented by someone who doesn't just talk useless theory... but gives you the benefit of years of online marketing and selling experience straight from the Public Domain "front lines".

The Public Domain Treasure Hunter's Survival Kit meets all of the above essential criteria...and the best part is - Ive been saving a kit just for you and you won't believe the offer I'm about to make...

Now you have a limited-time chance to grab your kit at a significantly reduced price...

A Special Offer for New
Public Domain Treasure Hunters...
Try Everything - Risk Nothing! 

The secrets revealed in this special package have been worth thousands of dollars to me over the past several years. - no B.S.

I'm going to show you things that have taken me years to figure out on my own and will provide you with an amazing shortcut to success.

I am very, very passionate about the subject of Public Domain and I really want to get this material into your hands as soon as possible.

I am very excited about sharing this information with you because I still remember when I first got turned on to the Public Domain - it literally turned my businesses around (not to mention my life).

I've spent years learning, refining, and perfecting what you will receive in this package. The quicker you dig into this material, the quicker you can start profiting from it, bottom line.

I know it's hard - there's a lot of just plain bad information out there. You never really know who you can trust and you may not know me from Adam so I'll need to earn your trust - and I'm ready to do that. I'm extremely confident in my ability to do just that.

Give this package a shot and by the time you are done, I think you'll be so excited about the possibilities that you'll agree this material is well worth an investment of $97.00 or more.

Frankly, $97.00 is an absolute steal since I know without a doubt that without the vital information in this package I'd still be working a dead-end job in the corporate world somewhere - it's meant everything to me! It's easily worth twice this price!

"Are You Kidding Me?"

"ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I purchased your Public Domain Treasure Hunters kit and I almost feel like I stole something! The amount of material for what I paid is insane.

The only thing bad about the kit is there's so much killer stuff I don't know where to begin. If Anyone's reading about this program and are on the fence, PULL THE TRIGGER! You will NOT be sorry.

I could go on and on but suffice to say there's a ton of programs online that make serious promises but this one delivers.

Thanks Debra."

~Greg Collett

"What Would You Do If You Discovered A Vast Hidden Treasure Chest Of Books, Artwork, Photographs, And More That You Could LEGALLY Do Anything You Wanted With?"

In review, by ordering the Public Domain Treasure Hunter's Survival Kit, I'll get instant access to all of the following just moments from now...

  • Exclusive step-by-step how-to info & Public Domain training that teaches me everything I need to know about creating my own products quickly using copyright-free material....
  • A proven six-step formula for success that will guide me through the entire process of finding, repackaging, and profiting from public domain material quickly & easily....
  • Easy-to-follow recipes for Public Domain product creation that'll have me cranking out my own ebooks, audio programs, content websites, and more in no time...
  • The inside secrets behind some of the most successful websites selling products based on Public Domain material and how they do it...
  • Hundreds of hidden online resources for Public Domain books, movies, music, audio books, and more that I can download with just a few clicks of my mouse...

 "YES, I Want To Learn The Secrets Of Using 100% Copyright-Free Public Domain Material To Create My Own Unique, Highly-Profitable Information Products Quickly & Easily..."

"YES, Debra, I'm ready to learn the insider tips, tricks, and secrets of using 100% copyright-free Public Domain material to create my own unique highly-profitable information products quickly & easily with the Public Domain Treasure Hunter's Survival Kit."

Here Is What's Included

Introduction to Public Domain ~ My 33 page guide explaining exactly what IS and ISN'T Public Domain content.

The ESSENTIAL Guide To Public Domain ~ This is IT. The Big Kahuna. 183 pages of training, organized so you are never lost. Everything you ever needed to know about finding and using Public Domain content.

Public Domain Compendium ~ The Systems I use for research and “Hidden Treasures” – 125+ Pages of Links to Public Domain Gold!  I've dug up every internet archive I could find (to date) and listed them in alphabetical order. You will dive into this pool of resources and have a hard time coming up for air.

Global Copyright Dilemma ~ If you are based in the U.S., reading this will be helpful in developing an understanding of how international copyright laws affect your use of public domain material as well as give you an understanding of how copyright law effects your those in other countries. 26 pages.


5 Copyright Research Training Tutorials ~ I show you exactly how I perform copyright research online. Quick and Easy to get started researching Today!

5 Public Domain Resource Tours ~ I take you on an insiders look at how to find Public Domain content on my favorite online resource websites.


6 Easy To Use Charts ~ This makes the process of research so simple! Want to research something specific? Pick up the corresponding flow chart and research is 1-2-3.

If You Live In The UK

For My UK Public Domain Users ~ I've included an entire mini-course so you don't get tripped up and confused. Public Domain usage is different in countries other than U.S.


You know I think you Rock, I'm excited for you....

I look forward to sharing my secrets with you and then watching as you create one successful info-product after another, quietly building your own information publishing empire in the process.


debra conrad sunglasses


P.S. By now you may be thinking, “Can’t I just figure all of this out on my own? Do I really need to pay for this information?”

It’ll take you a lot longer to figure it out on your own – it will be a lot easier if you use “me” as your kick start guide.

You could go it alone…

Hey, if you decide to go it alone – go for it! Make BIG things happen. I’m proud of you and I will certainly be here cheering you on!

But wouldn’t you rather benefit from the experience of someone that’s been there before you?

Wouldn’t you rather know what works RIGHT NOW without having to go through all the trial and error on your own? I know I would have…

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"I am so excited to have found you! I have been playing around with PD stuff in my offline business as a bookbinder peddling my trade at Renaissance Festivals. I have recently decided to focus my business more online. I am very excited about the prospect of where and what I can do.Thank you so much! I am pleased to be on board!"

"I have been looking for information on public domain but I was just finding little bits and pieces. Or places that wanted hundreds of dollars. You open the gate and welcomed me inside. Thank you. I have learned more in the last couple of days than I did in the last couple of weeks."

"I have found the information very useful even though I had some basic knowledge of research for information in the Public Domain. I am quite adept at doing research and how to use key words to find what I need, but your site has given me more knowledge. I hope to have 4 products ready for sale the end of August or first part of September. This is thanks to you and your site."

"I think there are really great opportunities in public domain, and I think you have the best website for information on them, plus you keep me up to date on what is going on with them, and you find resources I could never find on my own. Keep up the good work!!!"

"I was unaware of the many resources for PD material that were available. I really appreciate the effort made by the staff in uncovering these resources."

"I’ve got more ideas about what to do than ability to create them. Not because of other obligations but the plethora of possibilities you have provided about a subject I knew nothing about 6 months ago."

"Over-deliver defined!"

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"Of the Public Domain related products I’ve bought over the last few months, PDTH is definitely the most useful source of PD information. Thank you!"

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