Public Domain Book Club

Dear Public Domain Treasure Hunter,


The Public Domain is far wider, and far deeper an ocean than you think (and the Internet Marketing gurus would have you believe).

Your public domain business is about to get better...

  • My team has sourced over 300 evergreen niche topic, copyright-free public domain books, the majority of which had been published as recently as the 1960's so the content is still very much fresh and relevant...
  • My team sources these books, performs the required copyright research to make sure the books are in the public domain, then converts the books into digital format (Microsoft Word)...
  • My team will save you an enormous amount of time, money, and energy by doing all of the hard content sourcing and digitizing work for you – we do the work, you get instant niche content...
  • You get access to my team's past catalog of over 300 down-loadable, ready-to-edit versions of these books to use in your own new product creations (immediately usable, expertly written, and professionally edited content...).
  • Not only that, but you will be able to send in your questions to the support desk, and get them personally answered by Debra.

I spent several months surveying portions of my customer base to get an idea of what my fellow entrepreneurs and publishers thought would work best with regards to forming a group like this...

The answer was loud and clear ~ a simple style site would work the best. I just had to build a secure site to act as a repository for the and give them access to it so that they could login, download what they needed, and quickly be on their way spending their time where it really counts ~ product creation and marketing.

I've built such a site and I call it (quite simply), the "Public Domain Treasure Hunter's Book Club".

And I've built it on one simple premise...No fluff, No B.S., just great niche, ready-to-edit, Public Domain books that you can use right now to fulfill your content needs.

The primary benefit for everyone allowed into this elite group of course is that they get to download these books and use them in any fashion they want!

That's it!

The premise of this club is very simple ~ you become part of an elite group of like-minded content publishers, who use Public Domain books full of great niche how-to information, and most importantly...

You get to share in the spoils of all the Public Domain treasure that I uncover.


What's It Going To Cost?

By now you're probably wondering how much access to the club is going to cost...

I think you'll be pleasantly surprised, it's not expensive at all ~ come on, you should know me better then that by now!  :)

As a Public Domain Treasure Hunter Blog subscriber, you know me ~ you know I strive to over-deliver in everything I do and you know that I'm not going anywhere.

As a Public Domain Treasure Hunter Blog subscriber, I feel like I know you too ~ you're not some whack-o-doodle off the street, you're a PDTH Subscriber, you're one of the "good guys". You've trusted in me and I like to think that I've earned that trust.

As a Public Domain Treasure Hunter Blog subscriber, I trust you too...

That's why I have no problem extending this trust even further by offering you Full Access to Every Book Inside the Club!

Remember,  you get  immediate access to a huge library of ready-to-edit public domain books.

At this price level, I feel that grabbing a spot in the Public Domain Treasure Hunter Book Club is a total no-brainer... but I also want to make sure I've made you feel confident that I've reduced your risk as much as possible so I will also honor the following Satisfaction Guarantee (no if's, and's, or but's)...

So, as you can see, you really have no risk

The risk is all mine.

Ready to get started?

I look forward to welcoming you aboard the Public Domain Treasure Hunter Book Club and sharing these valuable books.

I can't wait to see what kinds of wonderful new products you create with these!

To your success,

p.s. Want to know what books are available for instant access? I have every book included in the book club available right now on  I sell each of these books every day for $15 each... and now you can have access to them ALL at the rare - low cost of $1.00 each!  How cool is that?