Dump The Bath Water and Keep The Babies

Just so you know... this is a bit of a brain dump from me. You might read this and say "what does this have to do with me"... I can just say this:

If you struggle with your online business (even one tiny portion) - learning what others have done or are doing in business is never a waste of time.

In my last article "To Make 2012 Rock Something Has To Give" - I explained that I was slashing and adding "stuff" to my business all at the same time.

You know the saying "Don't throw out the baby with the bath water"... well I'm dumping the bath water and keeping the babies - Plus I'm adding some new babies.

What's In The Dump Bucket?

All of my PLR sites are going. This is a fantastic business model - IF I were focused and had a passion for it. I've even done some "free" training for starting a PLR business with Public Domain content.

It works and I've made money with my PLR sites. If I dumped all my other business income streams and concentrated on "Just PLR" - it would really Rock! PLR just isn't my business "cup of tea". I have other income streams that keep me busy and are better suited to my work habits.

What To Sell For Money is going - but may not gone. The idea of http://whattosellformoney.com/ grew out of many late night brainstorming sessions (on Skype) with Deb Henry. We had a blast with this project and it's filled with some of the best ideas for selling products - each one is just $5.

Again... some things just have to go - and if Deb Henry takes this project over full time... We all win.

Affiliate/Google Adsense websites - I have a ton of these little websites left (even after giving away/selling so many last year and the year before). See below in the "What I'm Keeping" section.  I still think Affiliate Marketing is an outstanding way to make residual income. It is "harder" to make decent affiliate income these days... it used to be soooo much easier.

I'm chopping/cutting/throwing out all the ones I have no passion for. I mean CUT CUT CUT. I don't care if they have made money this year... If I don't want to write about the niche/subject - I'm hitting the delete button. No Guilt.

It's obvious to me that Good Income Generating Websites take effort. They must be filled with fresh new content that is original and this takes TIME.

I have sites that are still continuing to generate income even though I haven't touched them in over a year. They used to make more (lot's more) and they need a lot of TLC. That's where I plan to "Focus" my attention.

Public Domain training - Don't freak out... my Public Domain training isn't going away. I do have some "old" training that is just not right any longer and I don't want to keep the "old" stuff around. It's confusing for me to have training I don't believe in any more.

Internet Marketing Training - I'm a trainer at heart. But - training in everything related to Internet and/or Affiliate marketing is just toooo big a pond. The business changes constantly and I am not "hearty" enough to keep up with new "general" training for all internet marketing.

This was one of those business models that I was "taught" by a mentor to go after... because I am good at marketing. I give a thumbs up for "learning" what I don't want to do in my own business.

Email Time Suck - My email takes more time than it should. I've been deleting subscriptions like a mad woman. I don't need the latest WSO or Guru "shiny object". I've got training I've paid for to last me the rest of my life... and I'll never finish reading.

Domain Names I've purchased - These domain names were "niche" specific and I had plans for building affiliate/Google adsense income streams.

Blogs that don't make sense/cents - I still have (even after chopping) blogs for affiliate income/Google adsense income that make me small amounts of money but I can't keep them "fresh" and updated.

I was a whiz at this a few years ago and could keep them all updated and fresh on a fairly consistent basis. It's a great business model IF that's the only business model you have. I made a good portion of my income from these blogs over the years... but they are dwindling and I have not one bit of passion for most of them

Local Marketing Consultant Business - this business was one of those "shiny objects" I followed. I built up this local marketing business because I saw a real need.  I even published a book to hand out like a business card: Yuma Marketing

I learned a huge lesson... I love some of that business model (a very small portion) but mostly it's a pain in the neck for me. It's going to be gone soon. I'll keep my current clients but the website is leaving and no new clients.

What Babies Am I Keeping?

Public Domain training - most of my Public Domain training is NOT on the chopping block. I plan to update some of them with new  "how to research" video/tutorials because the websites that I use for research have changed.

Amazon FBA - you all may be following my Amazon adventure over on DebraConrad.com and see that I've got big plans for 2012 and these include my hubby as well. These plans include creating new products to sell using public domain content.

Affiliate Income/Google Adsense Blogs - I'm keeping a few of these. I really only want to keep just one... but I have several that are all tied/linked together which helps with SEO and is great for leading visitors to more content.  They have all lost some of their ranking... but it won't take much to bump them back up.

One of the things I plan to do with these blogs is really an interesting idea. It ties in with my "physical product" business. Instead of just linking to Amazon as an affiliate - I plan to do reviews of physical products I actually have for sale on Amazon and link from my blog to those products (not using affiliate links).

I don't mean that I will have an Amazon store actually sitting on my own websites. That has never worked for me. But... if I have a long article on my blog that includes a product or a product review - and I actually have that product in my own inventory on Amazon - then I can boost sales for my products.

If I don't carry a related product - then I will still use my affiliate link to capture some affiliate commission from Amazon.

The great thing about these sites is that I still have passion for the niche/subject. They are truly my babies and I want to give them the love and attention they need.

I just finished my first blog post on one of my old (I'm going to revitalize) blogs. The last time I posted on that blog was August 2010... YIKES!

More Babies Debra - Are You Nuts?

Yes... I'm adding on some new "babies" - even while making the Big Cuts!

I'm trying my best to make all the new ideas "relate" to my current business in some way.

Selling on eBay - I've said many times - I loathe selling on eBay. It's a past experience thing... and I need to get over myself. I'm going to stick my big toe in the waters again.

  • I have lot's of "collectibles" around that need to go on eBay.
  • I need to learn the art of Multi-Channel fulfillment. 
  • Some things just sell better on eBay.
  • I won't be doing the "create products from Public Domain content" to sell on eBay.  At least not right now... I do have products that I've created from Public Domain content that I've sold on eBay... and I may add them in the mix in the future.

Selling on Etsy - I started talking about this a few months ago here: Make Money On Etsy.com

I even opened my very own Etsy Storefront.

I started to share with you some of my ideas for products on Etsy

Then I dropped the ball and went "MIA". I've not stopped with my ideas and plans... I just took a break. ;)

I'm back and picking up where I left off.

Just so you have a heads up... the products I'm developing to sell on Etsy.com are products I can sell anywhere. Amazon, eBay and/or Zazzle.  I want you to be able to "multiply your efforts".

Selling on Zazzle and/or Cafe Press -  I've talked and talked about this "option" on this website often... but I confess - I personally have not "sold products" from Zazzle or Cafe Press. Others in this group have... with varying degrees of success.

My plan is (once and for all) to figure out what works and doesn't work with the type of products you can create using Zazzle or Cafe Press. I know the quality of product is good... I've purchased a bunch of things from these sites. But how do you go about creating products that actually make a profitable income stream? That's a question I want to answer.

New Training Products - I've got plans for new training products this year. (In my head) I don't have them on paper or a to-do list. It would be overwhelming at this point to add anymore to my list... and I'm all about simplifying.

My plan is to try/test some new ideas and see if they work.  Then if they are really good ideas (they work and make profit) I would then create a training product teaching how I did it. I also want to share where I "went wrong" so you can avoid any pitfalls.

New Physical Products to sell on Amazon - This is my real "baby" project for the year. I want to create products that "mix" physical products that I can buy locally and public domain content. These will be products that won't have any competition on Amazon for price... I can name my price based on my intended ROI and not worry about any one else coming in with "low ball" pricing.

Local Computer Training - We have a huge influx of "young at heart" oldsters in our area over the winter months. They want my hubby to train them to use a computer. I mean - how to be safe with email and how to "surf the web" type stuff. Really basic. Hubby and I are all about getting over the "fear factor" of computers... and love to teach the basics. We have plans to create this little side income stream "when and if" it will prove to be profitable.

Business Has Some Hard Truths

Now you have "see the cold - hard - ugly truth".  Business is not all about flowers and sunshine and happy go lucky "this is so easy" stuff. We have to treat our business - as a Business... and not a hobby. I get that... do you?

I just refuse to stay working on parts of my business that are a waste of time/effort/money.  I want to focus my energy on the "good stuff". ;)

I promise to share all the "good stuff" I can right here... and to help you focus on your business.

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  1. says

    Hi Debra,
    I think i got involved with your training at a bad time. I love the whole PD thing and it’s a massive interest. Thing is I run out of steam trying to make it work. Your blog seems to have been MIA for a while and a couple of support queries I had went unanswered or in one case was given a refund without any further comment.
    I’m glad you are back in action and I am seeing your blog posts again because I think I am only at the tip of the iceberg of what I can learn from you.
    I really need that injection of ideas, because the ones I have had have flopped.
    The other route I love – because I have al;ways fancied being an author – is the Kindle route. Have got good WSOs on this and am also at the end of my shiny Object Tour.
    I look forward to reading your blog throughout 2012! (Oh and Happy New Year!!!!)
    Dave´s last blog post ..Superman

  2. says

    When you figure out the Zazzle secret let us know. I have thousands of products in my Zazzle store but only sell a few items each month. I would starve if I had to depend on my Zazzle sales.

  3. says

    Very impressive Debra. I have been sick off and on since Halloween with one type of germ or another. The most recent I am fighting is strep throat. I am hardly ever sick and I’m finding it so hard to find the energy or inspiration to get back to work on my business. Nothing is exciting me right now.

    Maybe I need to just start with a piece of paper and a brain dump too.

    I’ll be staying tuned for more inspiration/information from you.
    Mary´s last blog post ..Gluten-Free Halloween Ghoul Eyes Recipe

  4. Ken Mason says


    This was an excellent blog post! Good explanation of what you hope to accomplish during 2012. Only comment is that it does seem a bit ambitious. Hope you don’t end up with a case of year end “burn-out”. I look forward to hearing about your adventures in 2012. Lets hope we all have a very successful 2012. In real estate it’s all about location, location, location. In this business it’s all about focus, focus, focus. So happy focussing for 2012.

    PS: Debra, are you going to have a “Fire Sale” on any of the stuff you are going to discontinue?

  5. says

    Mary… I hope you get well soon! I just get frustrated when I’m sick and unenthusiastic. :)

    Get out a fresh clean legal pad and start to dump…

    I get so much “out” which leaves room for the “good stuff”.


  6. says

    Hi Dave… yep, I was MIA for a while and email/support requests suffered. I’m so sorry, I love all of you and you are all the reason for my “getting back in the saddle” again.

    Thanks for hanging in with me.


  7. says

    Hi Debra,
    Great post. You’re the second person I receive emails from that has started to cut out the old and outdated and that which is too time consuming for the amount of money it makes.
    I am not on too many email lists any more since trying to focus myself and decide how to make money more simply. In other words I am now working “smarter not harder.”
    However that said I am always drawn to your writing style and content, so will continue to follow throughout 2012 and longer.
    Even before receiving this I decided to cut out my “oldbooksmakemoney” website along with the old blog as being too big a subject to handle.
    Instead I intend to concentrate on several smaller niches to help with people’s general problems in life and although only just starting I am already feeling more invigorated, as I will be using public domain content as much as possible to promote my digital and physical products, so I am pleased to hear that the public domain training will continue from you.
    Best Regards for 2012.
    Dave Robus
    Dave Robus´s last blog post ..Get Rid of Your Hemmorrhoid Quickly

  8. Stew Kelly says

    Great post Debra. Thanks for the reminder this is not a hobby, buy a business. It’s hard to make a break if you get emotionally attached to your domains and ways of doing things, even if they are preventing you from achieving the success you want.
    Just one question, what are your plans for the PD book club?

  9. says

    Hi Deb
    I think it takes tremendous fortitude to be honest with yourself and I really admire you for that and pushing on. Unless you employ staff as your business grows, and reduce your profit, your business owns you 24/7.

    Thanks so much for sharing your journey back to sanity with steady and realistic goals. They say success is in the planning and you have got it right.

    It really makes me wonder how many online business owners are on the same treadmill – congratz for being smart enough to jump off and move onto a more realistic business model. Sometimes it is just about knowing the difference between an income stream, a full on business and what is profitable.

    I sincerely wish you and your family the very best for 2012 and look forward to seeing your success.

    Carol Clifford´s last blog post ..Editing Public Domain Material

  10. says

    Can’t wait to see what you have for us in the future, Debra. I can see where you would have to dump some of the stuff. I will keep an eye on what you have for us in the future.

  11. says

    Yes Carol… I am being totally honest with myself this year. Off the treadmill! LOL

    Really liked your blog post… ;)


  12. says

    Hi Stew…

    PD Book Club is here to stay!

    Yes… I’m emotionally attached to so many of my “babies” – I am finding it liberating when I just pull the plug.


  13. Lowela says

    Business as always what I had read on post and articles. I don’t know if it is due to economic recession that we are facing right now that people are getting into a lot of business thinking and all of us have one thing in mind and that’s to earn money to support daily living. We all hope living a life that is stress free from financial problems. And through business we can be able to attain all of this dream and made them happen to reality.
    Lowela´s last blog post ..provillus reviews

  14. Deana says

    I take my time as every lesson is learned by being observant. Having an online type of job really takes time to be optimized as to the things needed for a person to get the trends up and inculcate it in the mind. Experience is always a must. Learning from it though takes time, but it is worth it.
    Deana´s last blog post ..tea bags on eyes


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