Public Domain Pictures Used In Jewelry And Other Crafts You Can Sell

I found this while searching for public domain images of Baby Doe Tabor (more on her in a bit) and I also found an artist with Public Domain Pictures Used In Jewelry.

One actually has nothing to do with the other... but it got me to thinking...

The idea is a big one... so pay attention. You may not be a jewelry artist... or an artist of any kind... but the idea is not about the art itself... it's about the IDEA!

Does your city or town have a notorious or political celebrity from the old days? I am sure of it... it just can't be helped, everyplace has someone that was famous and continues to create "chatter" in some circles of your community.

Are their pictures of them in the Public Domain? You may have to hit the local Historical Society to find one... but almost anyone with a bit of fame had their picture taken, probably more than once.

What could you do with those images?

  • Well, the jewelry idea is neat... if you have that talent.
  • Just frame the picture with a nice caption on the matting... sell to local history buffs.
  • Use or to create coffee mugs, coasters and t-shirts with a well thought out caption... and sell at the local stores or craft shows.
  • Make it into a poster... if their are multiple pictures, make it collage style... along with the story of their notoriety in your own words. Sell them locally or even on eBay!

Who is Baby Doe Tabor? She is the scandalous woman who stole Horace Tabor from his wife in Leadville, Colorado. Check out the story  Baby Doe Tabor.

These are just a few ideas to get you going... let you're creative juices go! Public Domain Pictures Used in Jewelry is only one Public Domain Product Idea!

This Just Tickles My Artistic Side

I've been neglecting my creative side and it's getting serious. It really is time to get my craft room cleaned up and get going on a project.

One of my favorite creative outlets is Altered Art.

create altered art bracelets

Public Domain Altered Art

Why not take public domain images and craft “altered art” with them? This is especially fun for creative types who enjoy making artwork or jewelry items.

Some examples might include charms that are made out of miniature images of old time products or incredibly small metal pieces made to look like old fashioned utensils or vehicles.

You can even make special handmade items in the fashion of the past, like lace collars and other retro items to be worn by people today. These are actually very popular and can be made and sold quite easily for a nice profit.

  • Use a group of related images, you can manipulate the images and create interesting works of art or jewelry.
  • Think about shrinking down a group of horror movie posters into charm size and creating bracelets or pins for Halloween.
  • Or find some classic pictures and posters of your favorite starlet and create a collage of images to be sold on a plate or a framed work.

Collage Art

This style of art can also be called "Collage"... and it fits in well with my love of scrap booking as well.

You can even mesh different images together for a surreal affect. If you have photo editing software... this will be a breeze.

Avril Harper shared a special report with me on this very subject. Of course... she said I could share it with you:

Altered Art PDF

Also.... I'm sharing an email from a subscriber that I thought you might find interesting:

Hi Debra!

Thanks so much for your response! I look forward to reading your jewelry article! I had no idea you used to sell collage sheets!

Honestly, though, I thought you would know about that but others may not. I'm of the mind "there is no lack" so I'm all about sharing ideas, info, directions, etc. Some people are SO protective of their ideas/work. I just don't see a problem with others doing the same thing I'm doing. There are enough people out there that there is an audience for everyone. Besides everyone does things differently even within the same genre. You are obviously of the same mind since you so freely share your knowledge!

You're so right about the inks running. I don't know if the Vivera inks do that or not. However, as long as you seal the image before you use it then it's cool! I use the best product ever for sealing and that is PYMII. It has a new name now; it's something like Super Seal but it's the same thing. (if you're interested I think the website is still

It keeps newspaper articles and book pages from yellowing and makes everything water resistant. Also no fingerprints! You can spray it over texture and it will maintain the texture even as it seals it! Can you tell I like this product a little bit? LOL!
I have no connection with the company or anything, it's just an amazing product so I like to tell artists and other "paper people" about it.

Also, one can seal ink jet printed images with mod podge or gel medium.

However, when I actually get my website going I think I'll start with digital and CD's. I'll see how that goes. The ideal thing then would be when I could afford it would be to buy a laser printer for the collage sheets. You are probably aware of this site, but some of the best sheets out there are at altered pages. There is now a new owner but the original owner, Jackie, is the one who put them together. She has over 1,000! I love her stuff!

I also want to do some e books. Those are very profitable on some of the art sites I frequent.

Sorry, I'm so chatty but I write the way I talk! Thanks again for putting all this great info together for anyone who wants to use it and for being so accessible. That's a real peeve I have about some web business owners- their sites sound like they are so warm, friendly, and inviting, then you email them and it's another personality like their evil twin, that answers IF they answer! Fortunately, there are some, like you who are what they present. Have a great day!
Namaste, (Shauna)

Are you using your "crafty side" to make and sell products?  Leave a comment below...

I'm here for ya,

p.s. This info is only $5! :)

With $5 you can find an absolute gold mine in information.

  • Do you have a niche?
  • Do you know what products sell best in that niche?
  • Do you know where a product sells best?

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  1. says

    Great information. I have been putting my photos and some of yours from the public domain on gift items at Zazzle for about a month or so. I have very few on CafePress.

    I am getting ready to write an article in my blog on the 8 shops that I have at zazzle right now. I have AllThingsTexan, BotanyPlace, CreativeDoodles, CrittersGalore, GrandmaMarilyns, NorthWoodsEncounter, PostageStampLane, and VintageAvenue. I split them out because one shop just got too crowded with every type of categories.

    Thanks to you and the RocketMoms on Squidoo, I am getting there.

    Will see if I can get this and see what more you have to tell me.
    Marilyn Southmayd aka Grandma Marilyn´s last blog post ..Calling All Beaders

  2. says

    Wonderful information! I am a jewelry artist and am always looking for new inspirations.

    I’m in the midst of creating a product and I think your article helped me get some ideas that are slightly out-of-the-box.

    In fact, it may have inspired several different products stemming from the one I’m creating.

    I love your blog!
    K Shiroma´s last blog post ..Are Copycats Flattery or Annoyance

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    8 Shops! Wow… you go girl.

    Let me know when you get your article done… I want to read it!


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