Selling Product Online – Where Do I Start?

Selling Product OnlineThis is Part 1 of a really long series about selling product online.

I've set up a category so you can read the entire review as I progress through my thought process and my product review.

The Proven Amazon Course Review

You know I sell digital products online - and a few physical video and book products of my own are selling online as well.

I am very interested in exploring (and sharing with you) all the options and possibilities for selling digital and physical product online.  And... I'm not just talking about my own products that I might create and sell on Amazon - eBay - or Zazzle.

What I want to explore is "What Other Products Can I Sell Online".  I mean physical products that I actually own or buy to resell... but are not public domain products I created.   These would be products I have around the house, wholesale products, stuff I find at yard sales... etc.

As Debbie Henry said just the other day on her blog... Are You Diversifying? - We all need to think about all the options we have for selling product online - and it can just be "stuff".

I've been neglecting my "stuff" and it's piling up. I used to sell online at eBay regularly.  But... as all eBay sellers know you can get burnout pretty quickly selling products on eBay.

  • eBay changes the rules. Often.
  • listing on eBay can be a pain in the neck. It takes time and effort to do it right.
  • If you are selling your own products - you can list them over and over which makes things easier... but if you are selling "one-off" products - each listing becomes another project.
  • People are looking for "deals" on eBay - so you may or may-not be able to make a profit with your products.

Anyway... As for selling on eBay - I'm totally out of the loop right now. I'd need a new education and someone to hold my hand to make sure I'm doing it all right. (not violating any rules or terms of service).

It's much easier to have an expert guide me - than to read and educate myself all over again.

That's were Deb Henry came into the picture for me.

She is my personal "eBay Resident Expert". LOL

Actually Debbie is "everyone's" expert and she knows "So Much"!

I mean - she did write one of the best books about searching for profitable niches on eBay - Fishing For Niches! I've read this book several times and love - love - love it.  I'll be doing a review on this eBook sometime next month. :)

Back to my story...  I've been chatting with Deb on Skype - and I don't mean ONCE - I mean really talking and brainstorming!  For Hours!  She has more ideas and knowledge than "Carter Has Pills"... LOL.

I told her about my piles of stuff - Stuff I've been saving to sell on eBay and she gave me some great ideas for categories and keywords to use on my eBay listings.

Then... we got to chatting about selling on Amazon.  She has been reading my ideas  for selling Kindle books and physical books on Amazon... when she made this statement:

"You CAN Sell Almost Anything On Amazon! Not just books."

Of course - I KNOW that I can BUY almost anything on Amazon... I just never thought about selling my "stuff" on Amazon.

This has led to many conversations about what she sells on Amazon and what she thought I could sell (out of my huge piles 'o stuff) on Amazon.  It has taken me several days (actually about a week) to get my head around the idea. In fact, I am really hard headed when it came to the BIG picture and needed a BIG picture idea.

I figured out (long ago) that I don't "really" want to just sell my old stuff online... (That makes me tired just think about it). But... If I'm going to sell stuff online  - I want to actually learn how to make it a business model that will work for me.

I already know that eBay is not the only venue I want to use for selling products online.

(not putting all my eggs in one basket)

The idea of having options is intriguing isn't it?  I can finally see that Amazon has stepped up to the plate and is going to be giving eBay some heavy competition.

Imagine this:

Searching for a product online and finding that the product is available online on

I See the product is for sale -

  • Brand New from Amazon.
  • Brand New From Other Sellers.
  • Brand New From Other Sellers But Fufilled (shipped) by Amazon.
  • Used condition.

I dig a bit deeper:

  • I see the product I want sold by a business other than Amazon.
  • It's a few dollars cheaper than the Amazon price.
  • The product is shipped from Amazon and can be returned to Amazon.
  • The product qualifies for 2-day prime or free super saver shipping.

Of course I would buy the less expensive product!  I love Amazon!

Imagine Selling Your Products On The Most Trusted Online Shopping Site!

I want to go back to an "old" idea I had and actually implement it.

Selling Public Domain Magazines - clippings, advertisements and/or frame-able prints.

This is interesting to me because I have a ton of public domain magazines that I need to go through and pull out stuff for “me” to use for some projects and then get rid of the magazine.  I love the idea of:

  • Buy A Public Domain Magazine
  • Use the content for a project and/or product
  • Sell the magazine "parts" for additional profit.

Here is a seller on Amazon who is doing something similar:

Vintage Articles On Amazon

Here is where this whole idea get's really good!

I can do this now (totally new idea):

I can cut the images out of the Public Domain Magazine.

Take a  photo of each cutting - or group of cuttings.

Put each cutting in a plastic bag.

Ship them all in one load to Amazon for storage.

List these items on Amazon AND List the same items on eBay and (Really I can list the same items at the same time!).

When the item sells... (on any of those three shopping sites)  I can have Amazon ship the item for me and quickly go into the other two shopping sites and delete the product.

  • Did you know that you CAN sell almost anything on Amazon?
  • Did you know that you can sell new and old stuff on Amazon?
  • Did you know that you can sell used items on Amazon?
  • Did you know that you can sell collectibles on Amazon?

Where Do I Start Selling Product Online?

Once again... I don't "Really" want to have to learn an entirely new process.  I'm willing to give this a try... if it works I will be One Happy Camper!

The problem (for me) was that Debbie Henry doesn't actually teach the process of selling on Amazon. (Yet!) She knows how... but I don't want to take all her valuable time teaching me. :)

She directed me to the new product  Jim Cockrum released last week.  (Ya know I shy away from anything New unless I've had a few recommendations from others).  I don't buy into hype - Ever!

Proven Amazon CourseThe Proven Amazon Course: Cashing in on FBA

I usually like everything I buy from Jim Cockrum... but this course is not just about Jim. Many Amazon sellers have provided their tips - tricks - ideas and how-to information in this course.

As a total Newbie to selling "stuff" on Amazon - I will go through this course with a fine tooth comb.

This course is NOT cheap! I better learn a lot!

I want to learn enough to get started and payed back enough with sales that would cover the cost of the course quickly!

I'm going to start right in on the review here: Selling Product Online - The Proven Amazon Course Review Part 1.


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