Selling Product Online – The Proven Amazon Course Review Part 1

Selling Product OnlineThis is Part 1 of a really long series about selling product online.

I've set up a category so you can read the entire review as I progress through my thought process and my product review.

The Proven Amazon Course Review

In the process of reviewing Proven Amazon Course (PAC) I found that the course is mixed up a bit.

Everything is on one page (except the very active forum) - but where the course starts is not logical.

I'm going to give you an idea (right here) of how I think you should start and work through the course (with me if you have already purchased).

Note: I did not review the sales letter... because  I know that the sales letter has been changed several times.

They have added new content to the course (lot's of new content)... which get's mentioned on the sales letter.

Debbie Henry had noticed several discrepancies in the sales letter and she has made note of them to Jim. We see that most of the discrepancies have been changed.  These discrepancies are not really major except for ONE.

The sales letter did originally say that Amazon would "list" your product for you.  NOT!  They are not that nice. You do need to list your products in Amazon yourself. But it's easy and painless.

When you are inside the course - scroll down towards the bottom where you see 3 video's by Chris Green.  Start with Part 1 - Selling on Amazon Video - there are 3 total in this area and look like this:

proven amazon course review

Video 1 - 17 min (ish) long - Chris is doing these power point style and you can download the power-point slides to print out for reference.

This video covers:

  • Selling on Amazon (an overview)
  • Seller Guidelines
  • Seller Fees
  • some comparisons between Amazon and eBay

First things First!  Amazon does have rules. If you follow the rules - everyone wins. You - Amazon - The customer.  Amazon is the most trusted place online to purchase products... don't mess with Amazon and you will be able to take advantage of this trust to sell your own products for years to come.

Chris covers (just an overview) items that are the easiest to list and sell on Amazon -  I'm interested in this... but it doesn't really hit the mark for my Public Domain idea.  I want to sell something to do with Public Domain Magazines. I'm also try to figure out what I can sell on Amazon that is easy to list and sell... because I've seen that this works! I'm hoping to make it work for me. :)

Now - I need to pay attention to this - there are two types of Accounts for selling on Amazon.  I'm 5 min. into the video and I already need to make a decision. Ha! Chris does give a nice basic overview of the differences between the two.  One is cheaper to begin with - but the Pro Account will be cheaper in the long run if you will be selling a bunch of stuff each month.

NOTE: This is where the difference gets a bit confusing. You should choose the Pro Account if you are going to SELL (not just list) more than a few products in a month.  Of course - we all would like to SELL a bunch, but how will we know before hand?

I quickly see the answer to the question.  I can see the reasoning and I am choosing not to start off with a Pro account.  I can upgrade later if I see that I'm going to sell a ton of stuff in a month.

Next - I see a chart with the various fees and commissions that will be charged to me.  But ONLY if I sell something.

Chris covers the difference between Open Categories and Gated Categories on Amazon.

And he covers something I think you will find very interesting!  The fees work out about the same on eBay and Amazon.

And "There Is No Such Thing As A Non-Paying Bidder On Amazon"!  How cool is that?

You will start to hear about Amazon FBA program.  (Fulfillment By Amazon). Don't let it make you crazy... you will learn about this very cool program and how it works later.  What it really means is that You - the seller of an item - sends the product to Amazon (cheap) and then when the product sells - Amazon ships it for you.

Think of FBA as your own (cheap) storage - inventory management - and shipping center!

Oh - this is cool! Amazon doesn't JUST pay out every two weeks - You can request a payment at any time!

Next - What happens when you make a sale?  I actually watched this happen on Skype video when Debbie Henry made a sale.  Chris tells you everything you will see when you make a sale... it's all very easy and painless!  I mean it was amazing... I've sold on eBay and thought I had the system down to a science. Amazon has figured out a way to make the experience from a Seller's point of view Better And Easier than eBay!

9 minutes into the video and Chris starts to share his take on the difference between eBay and Amazon. And... why he still uses both platforms - but for different products.

11 minutes in - I've just had another A Ha! moment.  The biggest difference between selling on eBay and Amazon for my Public Domain Magazine Idea...  My costs will be lower to get started.  Much - much - much lower!

I've learned the difference between feedback on eBay and Amazon - the difference between eBay customers and Amazon customers - the difference between pricing products on Amazon vs. eBay.

15 minutes in - Wow! Chris just share a tip that is really powerful. I mean it could blow the socks off some very smart marketers.  I can't share what it is just yet... but it looks like you have the opportunity to sell things on Amazon that could blow eBay out of the water.  I'm going to spend some time trying to figure out a way to use this.  This could actually be the ONE tip in this course that will more than pay for itself.  And I could actually use this idea in conjunction with a Public Domain product.  hmmmm.... thinking.

I'm going to brainstorm some ideas - I will share THE Big Idea later in my review process.  I want to make sure that what I come up with is an "Idea" we can all use - one that is easy to implement and is profitable.

Next up - video two (there are actually many video's in the course - these 3 are the Chris Green video's).


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