The University of Oldenburg ~ Digitized 19th Century Public Domain Children’s Books

I love vintage Public Domain children's books...

I don't know why, but they hold a great attraction for me, always have.

This week, I spent a little time checking out a German site that has a nice little repository of 19th century Public Domain children's books...

The majority of the books are printed in the German language (what a great opportunity for translation, or having instant products for a German customer base), but even if you don't speak German (thank goodness for Google Translator), the books are chock full of wonderful illustrations!

There are plenty of English titles as well.

Rough translation of the page above...

Digitized historical children's books

held by the University of Oldenburg, and Brunswick Libraries

Here you find children's books for those interested in research and science, but also 392 books mostly illustrated in color, historic children's books especially from the 19th century

These were processed and funded by the DFG project for presentation on the Internet.

You can search or scroll through the titles and indexes are fully digitized versions of children's books and scroll to find it.

In addition, for non-commercial and / or scientific purposes, digital copies of still higher resolution and quality may be ordered at a cost of 17.50 Euro per CD-ROM and book.

Ok, even though I have a distinctly German background, I couldn't actually read (or speak) German to save my life so the translation above is extremely loose but you get the idea!

The image at the top of this post was taken from the book, "The Horkey", published in 1882.

Here are some images from a book in the collection that caught my fancy (I ordered a high-res copy on cd-rom this morning).

The book is called "Afrika", published in 1895.

The book has virtually no text but it conjures up some fascinating visuals of the "dark continent" from a fantasy perspective...

Check out the size of that Tarantula! Yikes!!!

What kind of visual gems can you dig up in this collection?

Let's find out...

About The Author:

Logan Andrew is an online entrepreneur, information publisher, and author that has been using Public Domain material to create profitable products and businesses since 2001. He is also co-author of "The Public Domain Treasure Hunter's Survival Kit" available here. For more info Logan, click here.

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  1. Sylvia says

    Logan- Great infomation once again! This German site is fantastic! It is well worth the time you spent on finding these treasures. It’s great resource to spark imagination and -not to mention is a gold mine of German Illustrations that are beautiful! Thank you !!

  2. says

    Hi Sylvia ~ you’re welcome, I hope you find this site as useful as I have. Also, a big THANK YOU for your show of support!

    Let me know if there is something specific you’d like to see us discuss and we’ll make it happen.

    Thanks Sylvia!

  3. Icecream says

    Hi Logan. Thanks for your infomation. There are really lots of children’s books held by the University of Oldenburg, and Brunswick Libraries. Some of books are super great. Thanks again.

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