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Selling Public Domain eBooks always gives rise to many questions. Just the other day I was asked this question:

Looking for suggestions on what you would suggest to re-write public domain ebooks.

I am looking to have a few Personal Development books re-written allowing me to have intellectual rights over them with my own forward to the ebook (thus giving me copyright over "this" specific ebook - I am not a lawyer, but I think this lingo is correct).

I would also like the ebook to have a good layout with links embedded as well as an e-cover.

This is the "easy" answer:

Glad you asked this question. I have the answers for you.

You are looking for someone who specializes in "re-writing" PLR or Resell Rights products. The work is the same - it's just using Public Domain content instead of PLR. This is so smart. Using Public Domain has helped me grow my business (by leaps and bounds). I found that I don't have to rewrite Public Domain content nearly as much as PLR - and still put my personal spin and stamp on the content.

One of the things I usually have to do is find images (pictures) that are more current than those available in the Public Domain content. I just have to cut and replace them. It makes everything look really new and updated.

And yes you have the lingo right!
"(thus giving me copyright over "this" specific ebook - I am not a lawyer, but I think this lingo is correct)."

If you have any questions at all about finding or using Public Domain content don't hesitate to ask... They don't call me "THAT Public Domain Diva" for nuthin'. LOL

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Debra Conrad is an online entrepreneur, information publisher, and author that has been using Public Domain material to create profitable products and businesses since 2007. She is also co-author of "The Public Domain Treasure Hunter's Survival Kit" available here. For more info Debra, click here.

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  1. says

    Hi… the best scanning service to get the content into a “word” document that you can actually edit is

    To have an entire book rewritten and formatted (make it look pretty) can be pricey. has a service that can do this –

    # Edit Existing PDF – Starting at just $15! – Have an existing e-book that’s full of outdated information? Now you can have it edited quickly and easily! Update or add new affiliate links, change your e-mail address, postal address or phone number, add new pictures or your company logo. It’s never been easier to have your PDF file edited! Click here for more information and a free, no obligation quote

    I’ve not used the “existing editing” service – but this seems reasonable. Of course I’m sure that $15 is not for a full size book!

    In my personal experience – trying several different VA’s – It’s just easier (and more cost effective) doing the “creative” work yourself.

    Take the information you want to put in your product and compile it in word. Edit all the language – add all the new images –

    then compile a list of information that needs to be added:

    header and footer content
    front page graphics
    legal and disclaimer information
    make sure you add a great (short) intro
    all the call to action info
    affiliate links or links to what you want your customer to find

    Then – have someone make your document look great!

    The very best use of public domain information/products is content that has been given “your” personal touch.

    hope this is helpful….


  2. Julia says

    im trying to figure out how to get books from public domain in ebook format so i can resell them

  3. says

    Hi Julia,

    Try and

    The are just two of the hundreds of Public Domain book repositories out there but they’re also the ones I personally use most often.

    Also, see this post on the Public Domain Treasure Hunter blog…

    604,450 Public Domain Volumes So Many Public Domain Books So Little Time!

    In addition, you may want to consider an investment in our core training products here…

    Thanks Julia!

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