Public Domain Ghost Stories Product Ideas

Ghost Stories Public DomainI love a good ghost story... don't you?

You know that ghost tales have been told for generations... but - did you know that some ghost stories are public domain material?

Have you thought about using public domain ghost stories as product ideas?

Many books have fallen out of copyright and these huge collections of ghost stories are completely royalty free. You are free to compile them in cd products for sale.

If you have a great voice - creating audio CD's of ghost stories is another profitable idea. Some Public Domain Ghost Stories have already been recorded and are available for you to use in your own products. These could be marketed to youth camps in the summer and for Halloween parties in the fall.

You could set up an entire website... related to ghostly adventures and include images of ghosts for those who love the paranormal?

One of the largest growing small businesses in the world is ghost tours in small towns? It is a growing phenomenon in a tiny little niche.

You could list these tours on your website and then affiliate with travel websites to those areas. Or just put Google Adsense and Amazon ghost stories books on your keyword rich ghost story blog.

About The Author:

Debra Conrad is an online entrepreneur, information publisher, and author that has been using Public Domain material to create profitable products and businesses since 2007. She is also co-author of "The Public Domain Treasure Hunter's Survival Kit" available here. For more info Debra, click here.

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