Pages Torn Out Of Old Books And Magazines Selling For Good Profit

Radio News MagazineDid you know that buyers are paying for pictures, articles, maps, drawings, how-to guides and advertisements (these are just a few examples) that are actually pages torn out of old books and magazines?

In fact those separate pages can fetch much higher prices than might be made selling the complete book on eBay, for reasons I'll tell you about now.

Some items are for research purposes, some just to read, others are for decorative purposes which framed or unframed look far nicer than any modern day poster or print.

I'm talking about very early publications, not recent ones, with the most profitable of all being heavily illustrated books and magazines from the Victorian era which can be quite rare today and their contents worth a premium over those from modern day publications.

Advertisements, for example, were often created by highly collectible artists and printed on thick paper, unlike their modern day photographic counterparts on thinner paper and available in their hundreds or thousands.

Because magazines in particular were, and still are, created to be read and usually thrown away soon afterwards it's unlikely many from Victorian times remain in good condition today. Pages from publications that have survived the years unscathed can fetch high prices on eBay, sometimes much more than the magazine sold as an intact piece.

The reason for this is mainly because few collectors know how or where to find those original publications containing the information they are hunting for or collecting. So they will pay hefty prices to purchase loose pages in preference to spending hour or days, weeks or even years locating their original publications.

That makes this idea one of the very best and most profitable arbitrage opportunities available today, especially for buyers at book auctions and yard sales, also on eBay, who hunt out books containing highly collectible pages to remove and resell on eBay.

A major benefit of this business is that most popular items from old books and magazines can attract double or higher bidder numbers and culminate in plentiful Second Chance Offers for every eBay listing. So, once you know what titles to look for, namely those bidding up to the highest prices per page on eBay, all you do is search on and off the Internet and replenish your stock as often as possible.

These tips will help you grow a stock of books and magazines to literally tear apart and sell their pages on eBay:

  • Look at other sellers' high price listings for items extracted from early books and magazines and make a note of any titles mentioned by sellers which you then add to your 'wanted' lists with on and offline book sellers.
    It goes without saying you should not give product sources in your own listings - you don't want to pass on your secrets with other sellers.
  • If sellers give titles of prints or pages or even dates and artists' names, but not actual publication titles, then try searching Google images for those pages.

That's just two tips, but very important ones, and they'll help you grow a stock of publications which you can buy for a few dollars apiece and break into ten, twenty, or many more pages all potentially worth at least as much as the book or magazine from which they came.

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About The Author:

Debra Conrad is an online entrepreneur, information publisher, and author that has been using Public Domain material to create profitable products and businesses since 2007. She is also co-author of "The Public Domain Treasure Hunter's Survival Kit" available here. For more info Debra, click here.

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