Start A Recipe Website With Public Domain and PLR

Recipes can generate tons of traffic to your website. Whether you're a blogger, own a cooking based website or something else, adding recipes is a great way to increase traffic to your site

Now, let's imagine that you put an entire public domain cookbook on your website for banana bread recipes.

The term "moist banana bread recipe" is searched quite a bit - especially during the holidays.

If you placed nothing but banana bread recipes on your website or blog and optimized it for that term, you would also generate traffic to your site for that term.

See where are we going with this? It's simple: Recipes = Traffic

Once you get that traffic to your website, it's up to you to generate whatever it is you wish to achieve. That could be sales, repeat visitors, subscribers, affiliates, anything really.

The absolute favorite around these parts is using Public Domain Cookbooks...

You can copy and paste recipes from public domain magazines and books (after they are scanned of course) right into your website.

Because they are copyright - free... no need to change anything! And chances are you won't find this recipe (duplicated exactly) on the internet anywhere.

Not only can you find a ton of recipes... at little or no cost... but it's really fun to search out some of those old fashioned - long lost recipes and serve them up to your customers. They will love you and your unique "finds".

And... Some of these old cookbooks have the coolest graphics! Using these unique pictures and graphics can really set your cookbook or website apart from the rest.

PLR Recipes to Plump Up Your Content

Another great way to get recipes for your cookbook is to purchase PLR recipes. The great thing about PLR recipes is:

  • You don't have to write the recipes yourself.
  • You don't have to pay someone else to write them for you.
  • You can edit the recipes as you wish or leave them just like they are.
  • You can split them up; add them to other recipes, pretty much do whatever you'd like with them to create a product, freebie or something else.
  • You can get tons of recipes for cheap. Some PLR memberships sell them for less than $1 per recipe.

Yummy PLR is one of my favorite food related PLR publishers -

This is a Private label rights (PLR) recipes and food articles membership site. They also sell individual PLR article and recipe packs.

Note From Debra - Scroll down to the bottom of the sales page (click Yummy PLR link ) and find individual article packs. No membership required!

Website and blog owners in the food, cooking or recipe niches will find a ton of articles waiting - especially useful for parent focused website and blog owners.

Pre-written content in the form of articles and recipes for website owners to use on their blogs, websites, newsletters, products, reports, and more.

The articles and recipes are well written and low priced. At this time a membership is only $12.95 per month and members receive 10 new articles and 30 new recipes each month. Individual packs sell for $10 each and include either 10 articles or 40 recipes.

Special PLR Deals At YummyPLR

It's not uncommon for the owners to run special sales on the individual packs and most month's bring at least one new pack for people to purchase.

They provide suggested affiliate programs to compliment the articles and recipes as well.

Every month members receive an email with a link to download their new content, but in order to receive it you must sign up with your name and email address when you receive your first month's content. No passwords or login links to remember.

As with other PLR sites, YummyPLR content is not just yours. They are however capping their membership at 500 members. The individual packs aren't limited. However, anyone who uses PLR the way it should be realizes the key to using it properly is to rewrite it and make it your own. So, this drawback is not just for YummyPLR, but all PLR sites.  That's why it pays to "rewrite" content - PLR or Public Domain.

If your readers love to eat then they'll love reading YummyPLR on your site! YummyPLR gives me quality content to share with my readers while saving me time  and money (no ghostwriters to pay).

More Cooking Website Ideas

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    I’m surprised that you haven’t had any comments on this great article. We’re starting a website on candida and I am looking for wheat and yeast free recipes to use on the site. I’m looking forward to checking our yummy plr.

    Jane Mountrose´s last blog post ..Hello world!

  2. says

    HI GaMa – I do have your emails… I promise to answer you personally ASAP!

    This information is killer – really… I wouldn’t lie to ya. :)

    Plus – I don’t believe in “fluff”.

    I’m working very hard at wiping out anything (from the kit) that you can download easily directly. I can give the links and let you download when you “need” the content.

    I’m getting miffed at marketers that include a ton of “extras” the don’t help anyone get started now. And the extras are things you could find online for free – I just show you how to find it.

    Seriously – Why does it make sense for me to sell “you” public domain content? It doesn’t! I’m here to help you find it so you can use it (or sell it ) to others.

    Okay… off soapbox.

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