How To Find Online Public Domain Magazines

Lot's of chatter going on these days about Public Domain Magazines and how to use them for creating great original articles.

But... I'm getting a ton of questions about how to find online Public Domain Magazines.

This question is divided into two different mind sets... really.

  1. The researcher wants to find already scanned magazines online.
  2. The researcher wants to know where to find magazines to purchase online... and then scan these public domain magazines themselves.

Okay... I'll try to hit both these questions "spot on".

Find Online Scanned (ready to use) Public Domain Magazines

Although many places exist online that have scanned and published copyright - free magazines... one of my favorites is Yes you can easily find magazines on this internet archive. Of course so can anyone else... but that's a discussion for later.

I just entered "magazine" and chose Texts for my search:


Pretty cool huh? And their are hundreds of articles in these magazines just waiting for you to use anyway you like!

How To Search For Public Domain Magazines Online From Sellers

This is where the rubber meets the road... You will have the best results from using magazine articles that are not available as online scanned documents. Yes, it takes a bit more work... but the rewards are huge!

Let's try looking on eBay for some great copyright - free magazines.

You can start here:

I'm going to search for "magazine hobby" right from the front page:

Of course you have to know a bit about copyright dates etc. I'm not going to delve to deep into that subject. But you can learn all about Public Domain research here: Copyright Laws

I'll just bet you can't wait to see the results of my search on eBay????


Now this is what I call a potential Gold Mine! Are all these magazines - Public Domain magazines? I don't know... you would have to do some research. But just check out the prices!

With a bit of legwork... you could have an entire website filled with really good, quality articles directed right at your target market! And you could also put all those articles into a very highly targeted digital product.

The choice is yours... but I personally find that finding and holding these magazines in my hot little hands an exciting opportunity just waiting to happen, (can you say Profit).

It's about as close to the "easy button" as you can get when you are looking for ways to create an online business... Now!

So... what are you waiting for? I've just showed you exactly How To Find Online Public Domain Magazines. Go find your treasure now.

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  1. says

    Thanks Debra for always sharing such great tips on finding public domain content!
    I was just at a used book store and spent some time in their nostalgia section. I could spend hours in those sections.



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